FREE DOWNLOADS — Yom Kippur Stories from Admiel Kosman and Noam Zion.

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Admiel Kosman, “Rabbi Tanhuma Facilitates a Dialogue of Compassion Between Heaven and Earth”
Admiel Kosman, “Yom Kippur in the Public Latrine: Pelimo Learns His Lesson From Satan ”
Noam Zion, “Ill-Starred Lovers: Marital Estrangement on a Loveless, Tearful Yom Kippur”

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This site mostly sells haggadot — three of the best ones in the world, from Noam Zion of the Shalom Hartman Institute and his son Mishael Zion, and a top-notch children’s haggadah by Richard & Liora Codor. Our books are intellectually interesting, genuinely fun to use, designed to enhance the seder, and Judaism in general. Haggadah Sampler Set

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