Human Rights Haggadah

The Human Rights Haggadah

by Shlomo Levin
8x10", 95pp soft cover, full color

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Rabbi Shmuel bar Nachman said in the name of Rabbi Yonatan: What does it mean when the Torah says that the camps of the Israelites and the camps of the Egyptians remained separated throughout the night (by God’s angel appearing as a pillar of cloud)? It means that at that moment of redemption God’s ministering angels wished to sing songs of praise before God. But God stopped them, saying: The work of my hands (the Egyptians) are drowning in the sea, and you wish to sing before me joyful songs? (Talmud Sanhedrin 39b)

Use this haggadah to make your seder evening a discourse about human rights.

  • What human rights have roots in Jewish sources? Where are there conflicts? When a verse of the Torah or statement of the Rabbis goes against human rights values, what do we do?
  • What rights can we agree are absolute and universal? Are there some that cannot apply all the time? Do some rights take precedence over others?
  • Some human rights concern governmental policies and the military. But what human rights principles affect decisions we make each day?

The Passover Story touches on every aspect of human rights, from the bitter oppression of slavery to the moral dilemmas that arise when fighting for even a cause as justified as freedom. This Haggadah makes Passover relevant to the most pressing political and religious dilemmas we face today.

The Human Rights Haggadah helps you use the seder to discuss and learn about human rights. LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK:

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