A Night to RememberA Night to Remember: The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices

by Mishael Zion & Noam Zion; art by Michel Kichka
9.5x8.75, 156p softcover, full color, laminated cover
single copy $18.95  2 or more $13.95
10 or more $11.95

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This haggadah of contemporary voices follows the same model as A Different Night: a full traditional seder, with hundreds of ways to tailor the evening to make it work for your family, no matter what their ages or interest levels.

Contemporary contributors include novelists (Cynthia Ozick, Amos Oz, Toni Morrison, Milan Kundera, David Grossman, I.B. Singer, Philip Roth); Scholars and Rabbis (David Hartman, Aviva Zornberg, Arnold Eisen, J. B. Soloveitchik, Deborah Lipstadt, Yitz Greenberg, Emanuel Levinas, A.J. Heschel); Poets (Marge Piercy, Yehuda Amichai, Leonard Cohen; Leaders (Martin Luther King, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Natan Sharansky).

Free Seder Planner included with every purchase.

“An invaluable tool for promoting Jewish meaning and spirit in an age where we need this multi-vocal, richly textured, inspiring Haggadah”   — Rabbi Naamah Kelman

“A necessary, fresh, and wonderful addition to the world of haggadot. Beautifully conceived and designed, it enlists contemporary voices in original ways to illuminate Judaism's oldest and most widely observed rituals.”   — Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

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Una Noche de Libertad

Spanish: Una Noche de Libertad Buy button

New Spanish version of A Night to Remember
9.5x8.75, 144p softcover, full color
single copy $18.95  2 or more $13.95  10 or more $11.95

Contributors include: Eliahu Toker, Jaime Barylko, Marshall Meyer, Moacyr Scliar, Silvina Chemen, Jorge Luis Borges, Marcos Aguinis. read more

Halaila Hazeh

Hebrew: Halaila Hazeh Buy button

All-Hebrew Israeli haggadah — This is the original version, published 2005   OUT OF STOCK
9.5x8.75, 168p hard cover, full color
single copy $25.00  2 or more $20.00

Contributors include: Yehuda Amichai, Avraham Shlonsky, Haim Guri, Ephraim Kishon, David Grossman, Amos Oz, Ariel Hirschfeld, Rav Yuval Sherlo, Rav Kook, Rav David Hartman, Michel Kichka, Dan Reisinger, Aliza Urbach, Zion Ozeri


A Different Night Classic

A Different Night classic version

by Noam Zion and David Dishon
9.5x8.75, 204p softcover (12 pages full color), laminated cover
single copy $18.95  2 or more $13.95
10 or more $11.95

With new 33-page Storytellers Supplement, in English.

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The “customizable” haggadah — enables you to fashion a seder that works for any age and interest level. Over 255,000 (both versions) sold worldwide in 17 years . . . free Seder Planner with every purchase!

Outstanding features include over 20 representations of the Four Children, from 1526 to 1995; Symposium section that offers easy ways to ring your guests into the task of leading the seder; and a LOT of Storytelling.

“A Different Night . . . is, seriously, fun for the whole family. Even the skeptical, irritable, and too-cool-for-school 22-year-old daughter.”   — Tamar Fox on Jewcy.com

“This Haggadah offers a rich feast of story and insight for anyone's Seder table. It can be used year after year and remain fresh.”   — Rabbi Harold Kushner

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A Different Night Compact

A Different Night compact version

by Noam Zion and David Dishon
9.5x8.75, 92p softcover (8 pages full color), laminated cover
single copy $10.95  6 or more $6.95
48 or more $5.95

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The bargain price version of A Different Night — amazing deal for a synsgogue or school seder. Contains full traditional text, and most of the favorite features of A Different Night classic version. . . . free Seder Planner with every purchase, works with both versions.

“The perfect text for our synagogue seder. It has all the necessary ingredients: easy to follow and streamlined content, traditional Hebrew text, modern and gender sensitive translations, helpful transliterations, insightful and thought provoking explanations, and colorful artwork.”   — Rabbi Jonathan Berkun, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, Aventura FL

“The Haggadah is terrific. It is accessible and easy to use. There is a wonderful balance of modern and traditional commentaries. We especially enjoyed the wonderful illustrations of the Four Children. We have used the Haggadah with many different audiences and it has been consistently well received.”   — Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz, Congregation Beth Shalom, Overland Park, KS

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Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah

Richard Codor’s Joyous Haggadah

by Richard Codor and Liora Codor
8.5x11, 48p laminated softcover, full color

$11.95   6 or more $9.95   20 or more $8.95  
50 or more $7.95

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A concise modern children’s haggadah (very short seder if that's what you're looking for!), this is a great family haggadah for beginners or anyone who spends seder night with children. Illustrated in a cartoon style and written in a light humorous manner.

“No cartoonist can match Richard Codor for his whimsical sense of humor and his understanding of the Jewish world. His Haggadah promises to bridge the greatest divide in the Jewish world: between adults and children.”   — Alan M. Tigay, Executive Editor, Hadassah Magazine

“Jewish history wasn't this funny since Mel Brooks “2000 Year Old Man.&dquo; Check out the Hebrew man tapping his foot nervously while waiting for the bread to rise in the convection oven while most of his tribe is already on the go. And, the little boy who just before crossing the Red Sea, stops to relieve himself near a cactus bush. And then there are the three Patriarchs (who knows three?) dancing the hora, and the four Matriarchs (who knows four?) doing the "walk like an Egyptian" move. My personal favorite is the Marx Brothers as the Four Sons — Groucho as the wise child and Harpo as the simple child. So why is this night different from all other nights? With this Haggadah on hand this night can be serious fun!”   — Hai Knafo (reviewer on amazon.com)

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Ayeka Haggadah cover

new this year . . .
The Ayeka Haggadah:
Hearing Your Own Voice

by Rabbi Aryeh ben David
11x8.5, 92 pages soft cover, color

3 or more $9.95  
20 or more $8.95  
48 or more $7.95  

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A new twist on a full traditional haggadah. Participants of all ages are encouraged to turn “The Story” into “My Story” through the use of questions and activities that promote self-reflection and sharing. A unique workbook-style haggadah, ideally filled out by all participants in advance of Seder night, the Ayeka Haggadah offers an opportunity for families and groups of all kinds to see how their lives fit into the larger story of the Jewish People.

First Review: “When you sit at your Seder table, surrounded by the diverse group that we all encounter these days, everyone will thank you for bringing this haggadah, and you will thank Rabbi Ben David for writing it. The wise guidance he offers will lift your family and friends from darkness to light, from division to unity, from despondency to hope. That is the journey we are supposed to take on Passover, and here is the roadmap.”

— Alan Morinis, Founder and Dean of The Mussar Institute, Author of Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar, and With Heart in Mind


The Asufa Haggadottwo different books!

Asufa Haggadah English-Hebrew Asufa Haggadah English-Hebrew

The Asufa Haggadah #1: Bilingual version OUT OF PRINT

by 40 Israeli artists   8.25x10.75, 96 pages, full color, hardback   Buy button 

The Asufa Haggadah #2: All Hebrew version

by the same 40 artists   6.5x8.75, 96 pages, full color, hardback   $25.00 Buy button 

To view description and page spreads, click here.


Old Masters Haggadah

The Old Masters Haggadah

by Mark Fisch
9.6" square, 104pp hard cover, full color

$34.95   3 or more $31.95  

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This is not your average haggadah.

It is much more an art book, an impressive coffee table book, that just happens to have the standard haggadah text on one spread out of three. The rest is 17th century biblical art — by Rembrandt, Rubens, Caravaggio and other artists of the “Old Masters” who painted biblical scenes. A few are about the exodus story; but once the author got going, he couldn’t resist including all his favorite biblical art.

The text is the same standard haggadah that you would find anywhere. It's nicely laid out, on two of every six pages. No commentary; but hey, this is an art book! So don't buy it for the whole family, but for the pure visual feast of looking at what the Hebrew bible looked like to the great artists of the greatest era of western painting.

Small warning: Some of the art is not for the faint of heart. These Old Masters liked to show some pretty vivid stuff — “Rubenesque” women, bloody murders, you get the picture. If you are looking for a children’s haggadah, see above!