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The Bedtime Sh'ma
by Noam Zion

8.75x19, full cover,
laminated folder

10 or more $3.00
25 or more $2.00

HOT OFF THE PRESSES -- well, OK, hot off the laminating machine.

"You shall teach it to your children." -- and here's a good start on how to do it. A gorgeous full-color folder that helps a new parent make the magical moments of bedtime into spevial Jewish moments.

The folder, written by Noam Zion and designed by Joe Buchwald Gelles, contains the full text of Sh'ma (thru v'ahavta) and the blessing that Jacob gave to his children (ha-malach ha-goeil oti) which has become the standard bedtime blessing in Jewish homes. All translated and transliterated.

On the back cover there is even more -- ways to teach and talk, chase away bad dreams, and a suggestion for a Jewish lullaby.