Episode 5: Agent Emes and the Happy Hanukkah

Episode 5: Agent Emes and the Happy Hanukkah
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The Jews of Shpittsburgh are gearing up for Chanukah, but Dr. Lo-Tov has plans to ruin it. When the evil leader of "Aveiros International" bathes the city in a mood-altering depression ray, sadness overtakes the city. Help arrives in the unlikely person of world-famous singer Rocky Rabinowitz, who plans a special concert to cheer up the city. But Dr. Lo-Tov strikes again, capturing Rocky and setting up a dramatic showdown between Lo-Tov and Agent Emes. A surprise at the end -- this will be the last episode for the current Agent Emes, who now needs to put full time into his studies. His replacement? -- not other than Beila, the annoying kid sister! Stay tuned for episode 6! NOT recommended for children age 6 and younger.