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Two players compete for rare Jewish objects (Maimonides' turban, Golda's high heels, etc.) by answering questions from such far-ranging multimedia categories as:
At the Movies — Sounds Like — Eye Openers — You Are There — Zoom! — Pass the Milk, Honey — Personals — Let Me Check My Calendar . . . and more.
Players buy questions with chips (the harder the question, the fewer chips), and the goal is to collect all the objects before your chips run out.  Nearly 800 questions in all, with pictures, music, films, draggables, and follow-up explanations.  Lots of surprises, lots of learning, and a companion Do-It-Yourself website!  The perfect bar/bat mitzvah gift — great for Hanukkah too!  Requires 2 to play — aimed at bar/bat mitzvah age.