Episode 4: Agent Emes and the Giant Ego

Episode 4: Agent Emes and the Giant Ego
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Shpittsburgh has a really BIG problem. Something's wrong with Agent Emes, and it could not have come at a worse time. Dr. Lo-Tov is threatening to disrupt Passover, and Tov Me'od headquarters must enlist the services of renowned rabbi and psychologist Abraham J. Twerski to find out what's wrong with the 12-year-old secret agent. Dr. Twerski's insights help uncover the source of our hero's malaise, but not before revealing a far greater threat to Shpittsburgh. Agent Emes is back on his feet, and now must confront a huge, unexpected menace, one that can only be defeated with special insight into the deeper meaning of the Torah's command to eat matza on Passover. Not recommended for children age 6 and younger.