L'chu N'ran'nah mini (birkat only)

L'chu N'ran'nah mini (birkat only)
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If you're ordering for a simcha with imprint, please CALL US at 216-321-6734.

You can also go to http://www.haggadahsrus.com/Lchu.htm and click "download order form for orders with imprint."

L'chu N'ran'nah mini contains Birkat HaMazon (both ful and abbreviated versions), as well as wedding blessings.

Same 3-way linear layout (Hebrew, English, and transliteration on the same line) as the full version.  Contains full Birkat, abbreviated Birkat, and Sheva Brachot.

This version can also be ordered with your own full custom cover call 216-321-6734 for more information.  The cost is 70 per copy, in addition to the regular price.  But you've got to call; we can't do this online.