The Curse of Blessings

The Curse of Blessings
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THIS BOOK IS PRESENTLY OUT OF PRINT.  I have recently secured rights to it and am trying to get it back into print, but it's gonna take a while.  If you order, it will be backordered.

Collection of short stories by Mitch Chefitz.

But that doesn't say very much. 

I love this book.  The title story, "The Curse of Blessings," is perhaps my favorite Jewish story of all time.  If you ever want to teach about brachot, what it means to make a blessing, this is your story.  And if you want to talk about the meaning of the Sh'ma, you can't do better than "The Maggid of New Jersey."

One of the benefits of selling books is that once in a while I get to steer people to something really good.  Consider yourself steered.