Seasoned With Song — CD

Seasoned With Song — CD
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For pre-schoolers:

When my daughter Ruth was about 3 or 4, there was no greater celebrity in her life than Julie Auerbach, who wrote and sang these Jewish songs in concerts, schools, and parties.  What a thrill to see the great diva in a movie theater!

Years later, "Seasoned With Song" is now available in CD format.  These are [mostly] English-language songs for the entire holiday cycle from Rosh HaShanah through Shavuot as well as a few more general songs that Julie used for concert warmup.

Some are truly outstanding.  I especially love her songs for Rosh HaShanah and Purim; and I still use her calendar march to remember the order of the Jewish months, sure beats "30 Days Hath September."

OUT OF PRINT artist says not likely to be reprinted.