Tzafun: Hidden in the Haggadah

Tzafun: Hidden in the Haggadah
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Nothing tickles the imagination quite like a treasure hunt — an enterprise of intrigue and inquiry, uncoverung hidden gems, and discovering riches previously unseen.

This year, Kehilat Hadar invites to treat the Seder and Haggadah as just such an adventure — a journey that starts with asking questions and seeking out answers, and culminates with Tzafun, where the hidden things are revealed.

The story of Pesach, like our whole tradition, is replete with hidden gems, and the more we search within it, the more little afikomen jewels we will find. Sometimes, these treasures are buried deep beneath the surface; sometimes, they are hiding out in plain sight, just waiting for us to take a closer look.

This reader from Kehilat Hadar invites us to look for them! Examine in a new light the values, characters, and stories of Pesach, to enrich this holiday and our foundational Jewish narrative.

Sixteen essays by rabbis and teachers, o Hidden Values, Hidden Characters, and Hidden Stories. Yours as a free download, or a free physical copy — you pay only for shipping. (Which is also free if you buy $30 or more of other books.)