Leader's Guide to A Different Night

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Leader's Guide

by Noam Zion and David Dishon
9.5x8.75, 96 pages soft cover


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Have you ever wondered why running a seder is so hard? Or what activities will work for small children at a seder? Or how to find shortcuts through the haggadah? This book will help!

It's treasure chest — a book of essays and activities about the seder and Passover — essays that help you understand what you are doing running a seder. Several of the sections — in particular, “Great Seders and Exoduses of the Past,” — also make excellent readings or discussion starters at the seder itself.


  • My personal favorite: A Guide for the Perplexed explains the contradictory roles of the seder leader
  • practical advice on planning and preparing a participatory seder
  • shortcuts through the seder — how to choose the right mix of traditional and innovative elements for a customized seder, whether long or short
  • background essays like Prof. Nahum Sarna's selection on Egyptian slavery, and Rabbi David Hartman's on storytelling and family education
  • resources for the advanced seder leader — a symposium about the four children, the four questions in depth, famous quotes on slavery and freedom — to trigger a discussion at the seder table
  • short memoirs on great seders and exoduses of the past (Ethiopia, Russia, Marranos, and more)
  • role playing for adults (by Peter Pitzele) and games for young children