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Enliven your celebrations with
these products from Ma'yan,
the Women's Project of the JCC in Manhattan


Vashti-Esther Flag

Vashti-Esther Flag
by Sus
an Fischer Weis

10x13 on fabric, with flagpole and small bells attached
(won't drown out reading)

$4.95 order


On Purim, celebrate two heroines
with flags and gentle bells.

This beautiful and colorful new flag honors the voices and brave deeds of Esther and Vashti, the courageous women in the Purim story. Waved in synagogue when Esther's and Vashti's names are read in the Meghillah (Book of Esther), the flag's joyous sound rings out as a counterpoint to the jeering groggers (noisemakers) that are heard when the evil Haman's name is mentioned.


by Ellen Alt
Full color,

Comes with
short bios
of Sarah,
Hannah, Avigail,
Huldah, Esther.

$10.00 order

On Sukkot, welcome Seven Prophetesses
into your Sukkah with this Ushpizot poster.

According to Jewish mystical tradition, on the holiday of Sukkot we invite seven biblical patriarchs to share our sukkah through the ritual of welcoming guests called ushpizin. In Ma'yan's inspiring ushpizot ritual, we invite seven extraordinary women prophets into our community: Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah, Avigail, Huldah, and Esther.

This full color, 27" x 32" laminated poster created by artist Ellen Alt and featuring collages of the seven women makes a beautiful addition to your sukkah or a wonderful gift to bring to someone else's. Also included is Ma'yan's resource packet filled with ideas on how to use your poster to create your own ushpizot ritual.

NOTE: If you order this poster WITH other items, we will have to add to UPS charge for a separate mailing tube, since books can't fit into the mailing tube. The charge is usually $5.00-6.00.