Plagues Bag

Plagues Bag

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The already-classic seder toy for children
[and adults who like to play]

10 small toys — frogs, lice, blindfold, etc. — red food dye is kosher l'Pesach.

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“After the ten plagues, Pharaoh never learns! But after the Plagues Bag, our children will never forget a special seder. What more can we give them, and ourselves, than Jewish memories for a lifetime?”   — Noam Zion, author, A Different Night, the Family Participation Haggadah


FAQs about Plagues Bags

  • Q: Won't the blood treif my house? A: Nope. It's red food die, kosher l'Pesach.
  • Q: Lice — sounds yucky. A: It's supposed to be yucky. These are 10 plagues, not 10 inconveniences.
  • Q: Whose idea is this anyway? A: Simon Jaffe, from New Jersey. The bags were first made as a project for a sheltered workshop at the MetroWest JCC. But sad to say, they are now made in China.
  • Q: Do I need one for every child? A: Depends if you wanna have fights. Seriously, after you've seen the kit, you can make more of your own.