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Seder Oneg Shobbos

Traditional Liturgy for the 21st Century

120 pages 6x9 — that’s a big bencher with a lot on every page. Orthodox text with a very un-orthodox layout, using typefaces and 120 woodcuts, engravings, and illustrations from the middle ages to early 20th Century to create a bencher like none you've ever seen. Gender-neutral translation, and options for same-sex couples.

Created by David Zvi Kalman

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Kiddush translation



Accessible in many ways:

  • Real-world transliteration.  Rather than a standardized, “one-size-fits-all” approach to transliteration, songs have been rendered in a way that respects the fact that the same person might use more than one Hebrew pronunciation, depending on the original of the song itself. The result? A transliteration scheme that is much more helpful for those who do not read Hebrew.
  • An Enjoyable New Translation.  Our translation was designed to be both gender neutral and enjoyable for both those who can and those who can’t understand Hebrew. As a result, we’ve also integrated the translation into our designs in a way that encourages even fluent Hebrew readers to examine it, rather than unconsciously skip over it.
  • Bigger pages, better reading experience.  What’s the point of a well-designed page if you don’t have time to soak it in? Most bentshers have small pages, so there isn’t very much on any given page; often you need to turn a page just to finish a single paragraph. At 6”x9”, our edition provides ample space for leisurely reading and ample time to appreciate the subtleties of the design.
  • CC Licensed.  Most elements of the bentsher have been licensed under Creative Commons licenses, allowing them to be reused in other contexts more easily.

More Features

  • Fully illustrated, with more than 120 woodcuts, engravings, and illustrations, from the Middle Ages through the early 20th century. There is a long tradition of bentshers “borrowing” graphics from other books—both Jewish and otherwise. We’ve continued that tradition (legally, of course).
  • Historical typefaces.  An historically-conscious work is not complete without a careful choice of type. All of the faces that we’ve employed have distinguished pedigrees that go back several centuries.
  • Friendly to traditional Jews.  The liturgical text is the standard Ashkenaz Orthodox one. Where we’ve added language, it’s been clearly marked.
    . . . egalitarian Jews . . . In addition to some deliberately chosen images and our carefully crafted translation, we’ve included a number of common egalitarian insertions
    . . . and queer Jews . . . While adhering to the standard liturgical text, Seder Oneg Shabbos also contains variants more relevant for celebrations between a groom and a groom, or a bride and a bride.

Doesn't skimp on content — includes . . .

  • Shalom Aleichem, Eshet Chayyil, and the Blessing for Children
  • Kiddush for nighttime and daytime, Shabbat and festivals, as well as the Havdalah service
  • A complete selection of songs for Friday nights, Shabbat day, Shabbat afternoons, and Shabbat’s Conclusion
  • A compilation of shorter songs
  • Sheva Berachot and other insertions for every wedding, bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, and bris

David Zvi Kalman

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David Zvi Kalman

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