Abayudaya Kippot


Large sizes, pillbox, 6.5″ diameter, are $16.95.  Big price increase, because (1) yarn costs more; and (2) the craftswomen who make these wanted a raise.  Can’t argue with that.   I buy thenm for $15, sell for $16.95.  The little ones are cheaper because they have never sold.

Kippot from the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda — for more information about this group, contact Kulanu.org

Large size are pillbox style, with top a circle about 6.5″ diameter.  They do not need a clip for most people.  Small size is 5.25″ diameter and does need a clip.

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Fair Trade and Abayudaya

These kippot are “fair trade” items.  I buy them from a women’s co-op in Uganda for $15 plus shipping; and I sell them for $16.95.  (For the small size, I buy for $7.00 and sell for $8.95.)

The Abayudaya are members of a Jewish community in Uganda, not ancestrally Jewish.   The community got started in the early 20th Century, when a local pastor who had been converted to Christianity decided he didn’t buy the Jesus narrative, but wanted to lead his flock to living by the “Old Testament.”  He started them on a path to become Jews.  They got some help from overseas Jews, starting with a few Germans in the 1920’s, then were mostly forgotten by world Jewry until the 1960s.  Today they have at least one rabbi ordained by the United Synagogue, and many have done formal conversion.  They lost many members in the Idi Amin period, but have revived in the years since.