It’s bencher season — pretty much all year!  We offer five unique benchers.  Each has the full traditional Birkat HaMazon, wedding blessings, kiddushes, havdalah, zemirot, short songs.  But each has its own personality, and will lend a special flavor to your simcha.


Yedid Nefesh, currently our most popular book, by Rabbi Josh Cahan.  144p, 5.5×7.5.  Hebrew and transliteration side-by-side, with translation below.  Commentary by Rabbi Cahan.  A particular favorite of young Conservative rabbis.  Also available in mini version, with Bikrat HaMazon and kiddushes.


L’chu N’ran’nah, our largest and most accessible bencher, from the Havurah movement.  184p, 5.5×7.5 oblong.  Each phrase is transliterated and translated on the same line.  Also includes alternative benching, and detailed annotation and footnotes by Barry Walfish and Mark Frydenberg.  Also available in mini version, Bikrat HaMazon only.


Seder Oneg Shabbos, by David Zvi Kalman.   120p, 6×9.  A whimsical walk through the centuries.  No two spreads are alike — a fun layout with art that goes back centuries, many fascinating touches in the layout.


Nevarech, the pioneer illustrated bencher, published 1999.  64p, 4.5×6.75, full color.   Featuring gorgeous photographs of Israel, the land and the people, many archival photos.  Birkat HaMazon is translated; zemirot are not. 


B’Kol Echad, the official bencher of Conservative Judaism.  124p, 4.5×6.  If you grew up in USY, this is your book!



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About Us

What makes a great haggadah?  What makes a great seder?  Haggadahs-R-Us has been answering that question since 1997, mostly with two haggadot by Noam Zion.  The Family Participation Haggadah: A Different Night broke the mold of the American seder in 1997.  It’s a full traditional haggadah, but no Maxwell House, no “Uncle Fred, it’s your turn to read a paragraph.”  It starts with a “Bare Bones Basic” seder, the 30 minutes of stuff you have to do.  But for each part, it offers short texts you can use to start lively discussions.  And 20 versions of the Four Children, spanning 500 years!  In 2007 we added A Night to Remember: The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices — a similar idea, but lavishly illustrated and full of voices that are living or recently living, activities for a children’s seder, or a seder focused on women’s issues, poetry, great stories, Israel & Holocaust, and more.

P.S. This is not a supermarket. We only sell stuff that we have used and love.  A Different Night and A Night to Remember each come with a Seder Planner to help you pick the pieces that will make your seder lively and memorable, and different every year.   And we offer large discounts if you buy 2 or more, even larger for orders of 10 or more. We have a haggadah for children, Richard Codor’s Joyous Haggadah, and one in Spanish, Una Noche de Libertad.  And new: the Yedid Nefesh Haggadah and the Human Rights Haggadah.

See all of our books, benchers, posters, and more.  Have questions about our store, please send us an email and we will do our best to answer you.