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Agent Emes CDs for Children


I first saw “Agent Emes Epidode 2: Rabbi-Napped” at CAJE (a Jewish educators conference) in 2006.  The audience was cracking up.  It’s an amateur film, a detective story whose hero is an 11-year-old yeshiva boy with a secret identity.  It’s got enough slapstick to be amusing for very young children; and enough “kids world” to be engaging for older children who can identify with the hero or his family and classmates; and enough big ideas to engage adult viewers as well.

It’s — incidentally but importantly — also a rare look inside the world of a yeshiva-bocher, sympathetic but realistic, that can be shown easily to non-Orthodox audiences. The pain-in-the-patootie kid sister, the sometimes clueless and sometimes wise father, the dedicated teacher, the class bully, are all here is a way that helps kids understand that “we are one” in a way that no amount of preaching can do.

These films are definitely made from an Orthodox perspective. You may learn more that you’ll ever need to know about what makes a shofar kosher. But the primary focus is a Jewish take on what it means to be a mensch in the world, something that appeals across the Jewish spectrum.

Each DVD comes with “special features” including some very funny blooper footage.

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Agent Emes Episode 1 The Fish Head, A Rosh Hashana Mystery

Dr. Lo-Tov tries to taint the rams horns being produced for Rosh Hashona, and thereby prevent the observance of the sacred holiday. A mysterious talking fish head provides a clue, but no one can understand it. Can Agent Emes decipher the message and save the day or will Dr. Lo-Tov succeed in his evil plan? This episode discusses different aspects of the Shofar, and its importance on Rosh Hashona. Along the way, it touches on such Jewish concepts as Kashrut, learning, and friendship. 27 minutes.  Suitable for children age 3 and older.


Agent Emes #2, Rabbi Napped

Agent Emes Episode 2 Rabbi-Napped

When unexplained earthquakes threaten planet Earth, it’s up to Agent E to find out why. But the only clue he has is that a group of rabbis have been kidnapped. It’s the fiendish Dr. Lo-Tov, of course, up to his old tricks, and only with the help of G-d, and some inspired classmates, can Agent Emes stop him and rescue the rabbis — and the world. This episode focuses on the importance of Torah learning, especially among Jewish children. Along the way, it delves into the way in which G-d created the world, and the responsibility the Jewish people have to help to maintain it. 32 minutes.  Suitable for children age 3 and older.



Agent Emes #3, The Case of the Missing PushkeAgent Emes Episode 3 The Case of the Missing Pushke

Someone has stolen the giant charity box from the Shpittsburgh synagogue, and Agent Emes is called upon to find the culprit. Someone quite unexpected is fingered by the police as the prime suspect, and Agent E must crack the case before the wrong person is imprisoned for good! Told in classic “whodunit” form, “The Case of the Missing Pushka” offers up a number of likely suspects, before Agent Emes solves the case and gets the Pushka back. This episode explores the Jewish concept of charity, as well as the theme of honoring one’s parents. Also touched on is the idea of giving another the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. 41 minutes.  Suitable for children 6 and up.

Agent Emes #4, Agent Emes and the Giant EgoAgent Emes Episode 4 — Agent Emes and The Giant Ego

Shpittsburgh has a really BIG problem. Something’s wrong with Agent Emes, and it could not have come at a worse time. Dr. Lo-Tov is threatening to disrupt Passover, and Tov Me’od headquarters must enlist the services of renowned rabbi and psychologist Abraham J. Twerski to find out what’s wrong with the 12-year-old secret agent. Dr. Twerski’s insights help uncover the source of our hero’s malaise, but not before revealing a far greater threat to Shpittsburgh. Agent Emes is back on his feet, and now must confront a huge, unexpected menace, one that can only be defeated with special insight into the deeper meaning of the Torah’s command to eat matza on Passover. 40 minutes.  Suitable for children 6 and up.



Agent Emes #5, Agent Emes and the Happy ChanukahAgent Emes Episode 5 — Agent Emes and The Happy Chanukah

The Jews of Shpittsburgh are gearing up for Chanukah, but Dr. Lo-Tov has plans to ruin it. When the evil leader of “Aveiros International” bathes the city in a mood-altering depression ray, sadness overtakes the city. Help arrives in the unlikely person of world-famous singer Rocky Rabinowitz, who plans a special concert to cheer up the city. But Dr. Lo-Tov strikes again, capturing Rocky and setting up a dramatic showdown between Lo-Tov and Agent Emes. A surprise at the end — this will be the last episode for the current Agent Emes, who now needs to put full time into his studies. His replacement? — not other than Beila, the annoying kid sister! Stay tuned for episode 6!  58 minutes.  Suitable for children 6 and up.


Agent Emes Episode 8 — Agent Emes and The Shavuos Trial

The festival of Shavuos is only a few days away, and Uncle Evil is plotting to prevent it from happening this year.  But first he has to neutralize Betzalel, the eminent leader of Tov Me’od, the top secret organization dedicated to protecting all things Torah and Mitzvot.  What the sinister Uncle Evil doesn’t know is that his latest scheme has provided Agent Emes with an unlikely ally, who joins the crime-fighting secret agent on his latest mission.  Nothing less than the Jewish people’s inheritance of the Torah is at stake, as Agent Emes and his new partner travel to the most distant place possible to wage a no-nonsense battle for the Jewish people.  48 minutes.  Recommended for children ages 6  and up.




Agent Emes Episode 9 — Agent Emes and the Sofer Situation

Time is running out on Agent Emes.  Unce Evil has abducted Shpittsburgh’s renowned sofer, Rabbi Abrams, in an attempt to sabotage a new Torah scroll being written for Jewish children.  But the damage he causes strikes deep in the heart of the Jewish soul, and kids everywhere, including Agent Emes, are in danger.  When Agent E deciphers the confusing situation, Rabbi Abrams’s young daughter and her friend Chani get mixed up in the scheme, and find themselves trapped in the basement of Uncle Evil’s dastardly mother, Ma Lo-Tov.  The tale reaches its thrilling climax in the halls of Aveiros International’s infamous tower.  48 minutes.  Recommended for children ages 7 and up.


Agent Emes Episode 11 — Agent Emes in Shushan Shpittsburgh

There’s a new Agent Emes in town, and boy, is he ever needed.  Shpittsburgh’s Mayor Bupkis has fallen under the ignominous influence of Joel Hammond, a ruthless real estate developer who isn’t fond of Jewish people, particularly Agent Emes.  Hammond has persuaded the mayor to issue a series of harsh and incomprehensible decrees against the Jews, threatening their future in the city.  That’s when Agent E is called on to find a solution.  This time around, he turns to his Aunt Chaya to give him a hand, , along with a group of men from his shul who do their part spiritually to try and reverse the threatening decrees.  “Agent Emes in Shushan Shpittsburgh” mixes humor and excitement with Jewish teachings and values.  48 minutes.  Recommended for children ages 5 and up.