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Nehalel beShabbat/beChol


Full edition: Nehalel beShabbal $27.95; Newhalel beChol $27.95.
Set of both $53.95.
Nehalel be Shabbat travel edition $21.95. 

A new, fully traditional, Hebrew & English siddur, in which photographs give focus to the meanings of tefilah — a siddur for praying with.

Nehalel: a complete, strictly traditional siddur in which photographs depicting central meanings of the texts direct your attention to what prayers are about.  Nehalel is modeled on the Nevarech bencher, which in 1999 pioneered the idea of juxtaposing prayers with photographs portraying their meanings.

Now in two editions, Nehalel beShabbat and Nehalel beChol, plus a compact (travel) edition of Nehalel beShabbat.

Full tour at the Nehalel website.

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