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L’chu N’ran’nah Oversize


OVERSIZE EDITION:  160 pages 7.75×10.4, same pages as original full version.

LCHU FREE SAMPLE for a simcha   (sample is full edition, not oversize)

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If you’re ordering for a simcha with imprint, please CALL US at 216-321-6734Or download Lchu Order Form.

L’chu N’ran’nah is an egalitarian traditional bencher with an alternative edge: It is true to traditional Hebrew texts but ready to adjust language when necessary to address the diversity of contemporary Jewish life in matters of gender and belief. The book is fully egalitarian, with a gender-neutral translation and equal ritual status for men and women. It is rich in explanations, insightful commentary, and inclusive liturgical alternatives for celebration, thanks, and prayer.

Its major innovation is a three-column layout, placing Hebrew, English, and transliteration all on the same line.

To see some cover samples, download Lchu Sampler

L’chu N’ran’nah full version also comes with an all-white cover for imprint.

L’chu N’ran’nah full version can be ordered with a full-color custom cover, but it adds a lot to the price.  It helps if you give us a lot of notice. Please CALL US at 216-321-6734.

Also available in mini or oversize versions.

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