Seder Oneg Shabbos


$6.50 for 4 or more; $5.50 for 8 or more; $4.95 for 20 or more; $3.95 for 50 or more. 

A traditional/egalitarian bencher with a whimsical edge.  No two spreads are alike — a fun layout with art that goes back centuries, many fascinating touches in the layout.

120 pages, paperback, black and burgundy.  Birkat HaMazon, Wedding Brachot, Bris; Havdalah, full selection of zemirot and short songs.


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This is the wackiest, most delightful bencher I’ve seen in years.  It’s full of vintage art, idiosyncratic layout, typography from decades or centuries ago, just fun.  It’s not necessarily the easiest to use, but there’s something to surprise you on every page.

Fully illustrated, with more than 120 woodcuts, engravings, and illustrations, from the Middle Ages through the early 20th century.

Real-world transliteration.   Rather than a standardized, “one-size-fits-all” approach to transliteration, songs have been rendered in a way that respects the fact that the same person might use more than one Hebrew pronunciation, depending on the origin of the song itself. The result? A transliteration scheme that is much more helpful for those who do not read Hebrew.

An Enjoyable New Translation.   Our translation was designed to be both gender neutral and enjoyable for both those who can and those who can’t understand Hebrew. As a result, we’ve also integrated the translation into our designs in a way that encourages even fluent Hebrew readers to examine it, rather than unconsciously skip over it.

Bigger pages, better reading experience.  What’s the point of a well-designed page if you don’t have time to soak it in? Most bentshers have small pages, so there isn’t very much on any given page; often you need to turn a page just to finish a single paragraph. At 6″x9″, our edition provides ample space for leisurely reading and ample time to appreciate the subtleties of the design.




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