Yedid Nefesh Haggadah

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We also have a limited number of copies with spiral binding, to allow it to lay open on the table during the Seder. Two key details about this:
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From Josh Cahan, author of the acclaimed Yedid Nefesh bencher.

A Haggadah that meets the ritual needs of both experienced users and novices, enabling everyone at your table to participate and join together in celebration. It presents the full traditional text with clear guideposts and instructions, copious transliterations, and contemporary translations, laid out in the elegant and intuitive style of the Yedid Nefesh Bencher. The brief commentary focuses on helping users make sense of both individual passages and the text as a whole. It is ideal for institutions that organize communal seders and for any family looking for a text that enables everyone to be on the same page.

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Early Reviews — from people who used the beta edition last year:

We loved it. Loved it!  The overall feeling – both spoken and felt – was that the simplicity of it made for a much more deep and gratifying seder experience. We were able to jump off the page more, go deeper into our own questions, use the text and almost no supplementary pages, and it worked. It was really one of the best seders I’ve ever conducted. Kol hakavod!

— Rabbi Ilana Garber, Rabbinical Assembly

The transliteration was really helpful [for my daughter]. It was amazing to watch her use the haggadah and be able to access parts she has not been able to in the past and was so gratifying for her to be able to participate in the singing in a more full way. As a Hebrew reader, I appreciated that the transliteration was not obtrusive to me, but easily available to those who need it. Thank you so much for creating this haggadah, it will for sure fit a need for our family.

— Aviva S., Cambridge, MA

The Yedid Nefesh Haggadah takes the beauty and accessibility of the bentscher to the Passover seder. The layout is beautiful, the source material and essays are inspirational and explanatory, and the illustrations add to the whole experience in a beautiful and meaningful way. Can’t wait to use this at my Passover seder this year!
— Rabbi Josh Warshawsky
I have long hoped someone would create a haggadah that everyone at my table could use. It would need to be complete yet accessible, stimulating for seder veterans and inviting and usable for newcomers. And most importantly, it would need to be small and light enough to hold in one hand (so many fabulous haggadot are too big!). So I am incredibly grateful to my old friend, Rabbi Joshua Cahan, for answering my prayers. The Yedid Nefesh haggadah is all these things–a perfect haggadah for the entire seder table. Highly recommended.
— Rabbi Josh Feigelson, Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Thanks, Rabbi Joshua Cahan for creating this fantastic new resource —  looking forward to sharing it with our students and community!
— Michael Simon, Northwestern Hillel

1 review for Yedid Nefesh Haggadah

  1. Tamar Gordon

    Beautifully designed Haggadah!

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