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Brand New for 2024: Yedid Nefesh Haggadah pre-order


Regular binding — Single copy $17.95.
$11.95 2 or more; $10.95 5 or more; $9.95 20 or more; $8.95 50 or more.

We also have a limited number of copies with spiral binding, to allow it to lay open on the table during the Seder. Two key details about this:
• The spiral-bound books are $2 more per book, regardless of price point.
• Each price point is based on the total number of books, so you can mix and match. If you order 19 with perfect binding and 1 spiral, or 10 and 10, they will all come up at the 20+ price (perfect $9.95 and spiral $11.95). 

 This book is not yet available, but you can pre-order it, two ways.
(1) Order through this website and pay now; it will ship about February 1.  Free shipping on orders over $50.
(2) Send an email to jbgelles@gmail.com to reserve your copies.  We will ship and bill you when the books arrive.

From Josh Cahan, author of the acclaimed Yedid Nefesh bencher.

A Haggadah that meets the ritual needs of both experienced users and novices, enabling everyone at your table to participate and join together in celebration. It presents the full traditional text with clear guideposts and instructions, copious transliterations, and contemporary translations, laid out in the elegant and intuitive style of the Yedid Nefesh Bencher. The brief commentary focuses on helping users make sense of both individual passages and the text as a whole. It is ideal for institutions that organize communal seders and for any family looking for a text that enables everyone to be on the same page.

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